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Walker Of The Worlds Chapter 50 - Make A Wish

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"Miss, now you're 9 years old. Is there anything you want to wish for your birthday this time?" Xiao Yun asked softly. She was helping Nan Hua to change into new clothes since today was her birthday. Mu Yan stood at the side, helping to pick some accessories. , Nan Hua blinked her eyes. "Wish?" , "Yes. When one celebrates their birthday, they'll make a wish." Xiao Yun nodded. , Bai Yin giggled. "When I celebrate my fourteen birthday not long ago, I wish that I can be as pretty as Miss." , "Miss is natural beauty. We all pale in comparison to her." , "That's true." , Nan Hua looked at her three maidservants. Amongst the three of them, Bai Yin was undoubtedly the oldest being 14 years old. Xiao Yun was only 12 years old while Mu Yan was the same age as her. However, the one who had been accompanying her from a long time ago was Bai Yin and Xiao Yun since Mu Yan was given to her by her grandfather when she came here. , It was for this reason that the original Nan Hua was not close to Mu Yan. , "You're all pretty," Nan Hua said seriously. , Xiao Yun beamed. "Being praised by Miss is our good luck. Miss, it's time for you to head over to Ning Shu Pavilion. This servant is sure that Young Master will be waiting for you." , "Right." , Just after Nan Hua answered, Nan Luo was calling from outside the quarter. The three maidservants giggled and helped Nan Hua up. Even though Nan Hua didn't act like a proper lady most of the time, the three of them still served her respectfully. , Coming out of the quarter, Nan Hua noticed that Nan Luo had changed his clothes to one that was both red and black in color. , She herself was wearing light red brocade dress. The dress was long and embroided with flowers at the edge with silver color. When Nan Hua wore the dress, it brought out the cheerfulness and youthful visage that was often hidden because of her cold expression. , "Whoa! Hua'er is so pretty!" Nan Luo praised with bright smile. "Come on, let's go and eat Grandpa had prepared the longevity noodles for us. There are also Siu Mai, Chrysanthemum Cake, and many others!" , Just from thinking of the food, Nan Luo felt his mouth already drooling. He was feeling a bit impatient and wanted to head there as fast as possible. , "En." , The twins rushed to Ning Shu Pavilions and the servants tactfully left once more. They all knew that whenever the three of them were together, they would not want the servants to stay close. , "Ah Luo, Hua'er," Old Master Nan called them. He nodded in satisfaction when he saw them all dressed up. "It's not possible to hold a big party for you two. However, I already ask the servants to prepare your favorite foods." , "Whoa!" Nan Luo's eyes were glued to the table filled with food. It couldn't be helped since he often had to eat quickly because of training and couldn't really enjoy the dishes. Time like this when he could properly enjoy eating without the need to worry about having to practice again was so rare. , "Wash your hand first." , "I know, I know! Hua'er, you too." , "En." , They all started eating in silence due to etiquette but when they're about to finish, they began to talk again. , "Come on, eat more. You two are still so smalls." , "Grandpa, you're the one who's big!" , "Nonsense, I'm only average!" , Nan Luo's eyes landed on Old Master Nan's stomach. It was slightly bulging because the old man stuffed a lot of food. "You're the one who eat the most, Grandpa! Didn't you prepare it for us?" , "Can you even eat it all?" , "Tsk, or course I can!" , Nan Hua ate quietly and only answered occasionally. But seeing the noisy atmosphere in the dining table, she somehow felt at peace. It was completely different than usual but she didn't dislike it. , That day, the three of them took a long time to eat dinner while talking about many things. , Afterwards, Nan Luo was spanked again.

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